9 YOUTHFUL Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

  1.  Great makeup starts with super SKINCARE!
  • Avoid dry and cakey looking skin and makeup by applying quality hydrating skincare
  • Use anti-ageing skincare as it is rich in hydration, light in feel and helps hydrate deep, it’s not just a topical cream

TIP here is to look for one with Vitamin E. Avocado Oil is another ingredient that offers a very rich moisture. Try SeneGence’s  Normal to Dry and Dry Day Time Moisturisers

  1. Less is more – ditch the heavy FOUNDATION
  • Get a youthful and glowing look by applying less. A dewy, hydrated look is always more youthful. Hydrated, NOT shimmer and highlight painted all over!
  • Stay out of the sun where you can. If you are going to be in the sun, I suggest using a moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or foundation that gives you a sun protection factor (SPF) – this does not need to be a chemical protection. There are several plant-based cosmetics available, which will give you a botanical SPF equivalent protection, without the chemicals.
  • After applying your skincare add coverage to areas that need extra help, like areas of rosacea, pigmentation, spider veins and dark under eye circles.

TIP here is to use a creamy concealer to prevent the cakey and dry look. Alternatively, to eliminate this step altogether, find a tinted moisturiser that has the concealer already in it. 

  1. BLUSH
  • A pop of colour to the cheeks is an instant lifter – but not necessarily if you use a powder formulation.
  • Cream or liquid products are the best option. Choose a formulation that has no sparkle or glitter, as this is likely to sit in lines and wrinkles.
  • If you’re worried you’ll look a bit Aunt Maude with too much blush, consider opting for a softer peachy tone instead.
  1. Face POWDER
  • Powder on mature skin is the ENEMY! Over the age of 30, face powder really can become the enemy if you apply too much, especially under and around the eye area.
  • Too much powder will make skin look instantly older and makes wrinkles stand out. Just use a small amount to set your make-up – dust down the T-zone to remove shine.

TIP look for a loose powder and translucent or natural in colour. These powders now also available with anti-ageing properties, which don’t dry out the skin and are super fine in texture.

  1. EYE Shape
  • As we age, our eyes can change shape. Hooded eyelids and more wrinkled skin can make applying eye make-up a real challenge.
  • As a rule, step away from bright coloured eyeshadows and shimmer, which can make your make-up instantly look very Dynasty and Dallas. Avoid dark heavy colours, which can make hooded eyes appear too dark and smaller, too.
  • All you need is a ‘wash’ of natural, light coloured shadow on the eyelid and then apply eyeliner after to make eyes ‘pop’ and look instantly younger.
  • Always apply more eyeliner to the top lash line than the bottom as this can drag the eyes down – many women avoid eyeliner as they think it is difficult to apply, but just make sure that your eyeliner is not applied leaving harsh lines.
  1. Always use BLACK mascara
  • Forget coloured mascara – black mascara is a must-have for every woman. Black lashes will help define your eye beautifully.
  • If you are losing lashes as you age, consider investing in a lash growth and enhancing serum to use at night which will make your own lashes stronger and longer, and less prone to breaking.

TIP to add depth, use an eyelash primer. Don’t forget to use eyelash curlers first, as this will make look eyes look even bigger.


  1. Don’t forget BROWS
  • As we age, our brows can get thinner, too – so creating a full, good brow can take years off any woman. I suggest using a shadow rather than a pencil to fill them in. It is softer and more natural looking.
  • Map your brow shape our first then fill it in with small hair like strokes using a small, flat, angle brush.


  • A youthful looking lip is full, plump with a healthy ‘hint’ of colour. If you love bright, bold lip colour than go for it! Generally, the most flattering lipstick shade for a more mature lip is one a shade darker than your natural tone.
  • Lips can lose volume as we age, so hydrate your lips, like you do your skin and your body for that matter. Hydration is the key! Check out our LipSense range of lip colours and hydration glosses here.




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