AUTUMN is here! It’s time for new skincare and makeup!

A U T U M N brings with it new colours and new trends.

What we see in Autumn is not only a change in weather, but a change in decor, styling, fashion and of course skincare and makeup.

Some of this seasons colour trends are Fusica, Lavender, Military Greens, Shiney Metallics, Reds and Midnight Blues.

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Your skin is so precious, but sadly we often forget to look after it. A good skincare program will ultimately help you build a beautiful base to apply your makeup to. I’ve been using SeneGence skincare and makeup for just over 5 months and see a noticeable difference in my skin already. It not only feels softer and hydrated, but it looks healthier and dare I say…more youthful!
I love that my makeup sits better and lasts longer on my skin.

Need new skincare and makeup?

We offer skincare and makeup products that are a combination of both natural and scientific ingredients that provide proprietory formulations that are scientifically proven in a clinical laboratory to work on 100% of those who used the products as directed.

The ingredients found in the SeneGence skincare range contain a kinetic enzyme that affects the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top. The SenePlex ingredients fight the signs of ageing by renewing your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly. Now that’s truly AMAZING!

These same ingredients are in the makeup range too! So that means if you’re wearing the SeneGence skincare and makeup, you’re wearing 24 hour skincare.

SeneGence full skincare and makeup range, including LipSense long lasting lippy can be purchased from Photo Finish Makeup.

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To visit our online store and read more information or to order your skincare, makeup and LipSense click here.

For makeup bookings or general enquiries please contact us via our Photo Finish Makeup contact page.

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