Shea Butter

Benefits of Using Shea Butter in Your Beauty Routine

How much do you really know about Shea Butter? 

You may know it’s good for your skin, but if you’re like me, or like I was, I didn’t really know anything about it and didn’t really understand the full super powers of this luxurious cream.

Shea Butter is popping up everywhere nowadays. The next time you’re at the shops,
take a look at the skincare aisle and notice how many lotions contain this natural moisturizer.

It’s popular for many reasons, one of them being that it encourages natural collagen
production.  BIG yes to this!!!

Collagen is what our skin needs to feel full and lustrous, filling out those fine lines and wrinkles. And it’s perfect for all skin types, which means you can reap the benefits whether your skin is dry, oily or somewhere in between!

Fighting the signs of aging may seem like a never ending battle. The 3 main area’s that expose our ageing skin are our face, our decolletage/neck area and our hands.

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Shea Butter also melts at body temperature, which makes it perfect for absorbing in through our pores without clogging them. Big time winning with that bonus!

Because of this melting feature I use my Shea Butter as a makeup remover.  It glides my makeup, even my waterproof mascara off without pulling at my skin and in particular the very delicate skin around my eye area. No irritation…..but ALL the anti aging and hydration benefit….all in one quick makeup removing step!

It is also high in fatty acids that our skin needs.  Why do we need to put fatty acids on our face?

Essential fatty acids like omega 3’s and omega 6’s are the building block of healthy cell membranes. These polyunsaturated facts also help produce the skins natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper and younger looking.

An amazing compound found in Shea Butter is phenolic. These active plant based phenols dramatically repair and rejuvenate the skin, in turn offering protection from free radicals. Loosely translated, that means that it’s anti aging, which is a big plus when it comes to skincare. When used regularly, it can also help to prevent stretch marks! 

There are plenty of Shea Butter lotions that you can buy.  I trust SeneGence’s non greasy Shea Body Butter and have been using it for 6 years both personally and on clients.

Some other hydrating products I use and love from the SeneGence range that contain Shea Butter include:

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Knowing you’re putting quality products on-or in-your body is an essential. You and your body deserve the best! 

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