This oil-free, water-resistant, and long-lasting liquid foundation can be used on any skin type and provides anti-ageing and healthy skin benefits. The rich colour pigments used in the formulation adapt to skin pigmentation, giving a natural-looking finish. 

Finding your undertone is simple!

Are your veins blue or purple? If so, then you are most likely cool toned and will look good in shades with pink or red undertones. Look for C.

Are your veins green or olive? If yes, then are most likely considered warm toned and will look great in shades with yellow undertones. Look for W.

Another way to identify if you’re cool or warm is to take note of the colour jewellery you wear. White gold & silver leans towards a cool undertone and yellow gold is a warm undertone.

If you’re not able to tell, it may be that you are neutral and can wear both jewellery type. In which case depending on the colour of your clothing and hair you could wear neutral, cool or warm foundation shades.

Take a close look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.