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Easy, Trending Halloween Makeup & Costume Ideas

Halloween is the easiest makeup look ever!  There are no rules. You don’t even have to colour within the lines, or bother trying to be symmetrical! 

Here are 4 super easy trending Halloween costume looks and ideas you will have fun creating for yourself.

The Jack-O-Lantern (Pumpkin) is always a favourite!  This easy, very orange look doesn’t require too much creativity for your ‘victims’ to know what you are. 
Step 1: Colour 2/3 of your face, diagonally in orange face paint or try our Orange ShadowSense
Step 2: Draw a jagged black line/crack diagonally across your face to create the crack, adding small cracks in black to the none orange area
Step 3: Using the same black – I’ve used Onyx ShadowSense – create square/jagged teeth across your lips, emphasizing them bigger than you might think. Adding a triangle to your nose and eye, followed by faint lines to create a shadow of roundness to you face.
Picture – Source: Photo Finish Makeup


You’ll be the most adorable Scarecrow around with this look!
Simply wear a flannel and overalls (or a pair of jeans), a straw hat, and boots. Put your hair in braided pigtails. 
Use EyeSense Long Lasting Liquid Eye Liner in Black Brown to create “stitches” around your mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead. 
To finish off the look, select a BlushSense shade of your choice to create circular “cheeks” and apply a LipSense shade of your choice. these could be orange, pink or red.


Picture – Source: Pretty Hair Is Fun


How cute is this Spider Web look!
This super fun look can be achieved with 2 or 3 colours.
Draw the web anywhere you like on your face, however, I think it looks best coming from the eyes. It can be any size web you like.
If you choose to include a pop of colour, best to put that on first, then create your web with a black eyeliner, such as Black EyeSense® Long Lasting Eye Liner Pencil
If drawing a spider isn’t your thing, perhaps consider adding some stick on diamantes from the discount stores, to glam up your web.
 Picture – Source: Unknown


Everyone LOVES an animal print!
Again, this look doesn’t require too many colours and can be added to your everyday eye makeup look. Simple!
TIP: keep this feline look sleek by adding some highlights in strategic spots, like the tip of your nose and cheekbones to really help those prints pop.
Here I have used

Picture – Source: Photo Finish Makeup

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