Learn my 5 top tips for makeup in your 40’s and beyond!

No need for beige as we age!

Here’s what women over the age of 40 are telling me….
‘I just don’t know how to do it or where to start!’
‘I don’t have time’
‘It makes me look older!’
‘I don’t know what colours suit me’
If you have ever said any of these things, or even had thoughts that resemble these common complaints when it comes to the thought of makeup, let alone the idea of actually doing it….you’re not alone!  
I promise, I know the feeling. I’ve ticked over to my mid forties and can relate.  BUT, there is good news, I have solutions that you can start doing today!! Read on to find out my 5 super easy and simple tips to address these concerns.


Great makeup starts with super skincare. Have you ever heard the saying “your makeup game will never be a 10 if your skincare is only a 2”. It is so true!
Good skincare & lip care is a BIG ONE to keep your makeup put all day! Avoid dry, crinkly and cakey looking skin and makeup by applying a quality lightweight ‘hydrating’ skincare. Look for ingredients such as Avocado for rich moisture, Borago Seed Oil for helping the skin tone appearance and Vitamin E as an essential antioxidant for maintaining healthy skin.
As a minimum, a daily skincare routine should include a cleanser (am & pm), day and evening moisturiser (these are different, due to ingredients and viscosity) and a good eye cream. Of course there are other considerations to treat problem area’s, but if you’re just starting out, this is a great routine to get into. Your skin will thank you!
If you already have a good skin care routine, you might like to consider upping the hydration stakes to what I call my ‘miracle in a bottle.’ Climate Control is designed to not only increase moisture,  but protect against moisture loss – how good is that!
Of course, we all know that we must also drink lots of water. Nope, coffee and tea doesn’t count…sorry!
Not sure of your skin type? Take the What’s Your Skin Type quiz to find out now.
Another trap we fall into, is our base colour choice. We want it not too light, not too dark, but just right…bit like Goldilocks!
When choosing a base colour, whether it be a foundation, a tinted moisturiser or even a light powder, I have some great tips here.
Work out if you’re a cool or warn skin tone. Check your inner wrist veins. If they look blue or purple, you’re most likely cool toned. This toned skin looks best in base colours with pink or red undertones.
If your wrist veins look more olive or green, chances are you’re a warm tone and will be looking for bases with a yellow undertone. If you’re not sure, reach out to me and we’ll work it out together!
If you’re my age or older, you will have probably been told to steer clear of powders, especially if you have dry skin or aging skin.  Well, I’m here to tell you, that is a thing of the past….so long as the powder is finely milled and does not contain talcum powder.  I have been using a translucent powder both by itself on bare skin and over my makeup. I LOVE it, it gives a soft skin that looks like I have put a filter over my face. Plus it actually provides nourishing, hydrating and anti aging benefits that does not sit any my fine lines. Gotta love that!!
When we get our base colour right, our skin will glow and keep us looking youthful.
We sometimes have things we don’t love about ourselves, but let’s not focus on that right now. Let’s work out what we do love about our face….eyes, lashes, brows, cheekbones, nose profile or lips perhaps?
Play up your favourite feature with a pop of colour. 
If it’s your lips, don’t be afraid to wear a bolder colour than normal. Something like Kiss for a Cause, is a favourite pop of pink lip colour for me.
Trust me! You may feel a little uncomfortable to start with if you’re not used to seeing this on yourself, but others will notice and through compliments at you all day long.
TIP: try it out on a day you’re not going out and keep checking your new look out in the mirror and window reflections around the house. You will soon learn to love your new look and wear it with confidence!
As we get older, we sometimes (sadly) loose the desire (or time) to want to do our makeup. But if you’re reading this, then I’m picking that’s not you and you want to know how to do it quickly and with the most impact – yes?
Placement is key!
Eye shadow placement is crucial as our lids begin to change, they become hooded, sag and suddenly, almost overnight excess skin appears. 
Applying a skin toned matte shadow first will help smooth out the skin’s appearance and provide a good texture and colour tone to then start your colour work.  Whether you choose a neutral, bold, shimmer or matte colour it’s important to know that keeping the colour on an angle in an upwards direction from the corner of your outer eye up towards the tail (thin outer part) of your brow will give the appearance of a more open and lifted eye. It doesn’t have to be sharp, but what’s important is that it is not placed below that imaginary angle from corner of your eye to the tail of your brow. As pictured below.
Lets not forget our cheeks.  Popping a little more than a hint of colour or bronzing will make us look alive.  I know, less is more and we don’t want to look like a circus clown, but if we don’t do our cheeks, we look flat and pancake like, aging us.  You can pop just a little on the apples of your cheeks (this bit that pop out when you smile), or follow your cheek up towards your ear and hair line to create a more angled appearance. Colours to consider are Toasted Rose or Terra Cotta BlushSense for a more peachy cheek. 
Blush Faceshape
Removing our makeup is one of the simplest things we can do to help our appearance. It’s not too late to start!
Just like daily cleansing and moisturising, makeup removal plays a vital part in caring for our skin every day.
I know, we sometimes get home from a mammoth day totally exhausted and just want to fall into bed…we’ve all been there. 
However, removing your makeup using anti aging and moisturising ingredients will help you wake feeling more refreshed than with day old make and panda eyes from yesterdays makeup – this a promise you! Not to mention the risk of bacteria and infections, plus the build up of dead skin, which is partly why makeup may not stay in place all day. Whether you like a wipe, a liquid or a melt away balm there is no excuse to not remove your makeup before cleansing your skin each evening.
TIP: build an exfoliation treatment into your weekly routine to rid the dead skin and allow your moisturisers to actually get into your skin to do their job. No point putting moisturisers on if they can’t get past the dead skin, right! 
I use SeneGence’s Facial Resurfacer as it hydrates, tones and does not irritate my sometimes sensitive skin.

If you would like to know more about how you can look and feel great about your skincare habits and/or makeup routine, book in for a one on one virtual personalised 30 min consultation. Book here.

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