Old Habits Be Gone!

It’s a new year and we’re settling in nicely…or are we, now we’re in March?  Where did those first two months go?!

My question to you is….did you bring the 2021 habits with you?

I’m working daily, on myself to leave those habits that weren’t serving me behind. You know, the eating and drinking habits, the less than regular exercise routine, the craziness I let seep into my mind. For some reason, I don’t let my skincare habits slip. I mean sure, I take it easy on the makeup side of things, but skincare is one thing I don’t falter on…..even when I can’t be bothered.


It’s time to practice some self love in 2022.  Do yourself a favour and leave the negative noise behind. It’s of no value to you. It belongs in the rearview mirror.  There is no room for negativity in your busy, fun, successful life.

This NPR article explains how we can replace the not-so-kind self tale to a nicer, more understanding one.  Be your own BFF and treat yourself with compassion, kindness and care.  Trust me, your future self will thank you.


There’s no time to be shy this year! We’re heading to the trendsetting bold arena.  Don’t be afraid though, bold doesn’t have to mean bright or fluro pink, blue or green…lol! For now, subtle can take a back seat.

The 2022 Pantone colour report shares trends including shades like Aussie Rose LipSense and Moca Java ShadowSense that I’m delighted to see. These are timeless and carry through every season, every trend and fall within most peoples choices of colour.


We all know the past few years have been an exhausting time for many of us – physically and emotionally. It’s time for a reboot!

Country Living is breaking down the important well being trends for us in their December article. From being conscious of our stress levels to caring for our gut, it’s all about being mindful of our bodies, minds and environment.  Some of the top takeaways for me are to keep a ‘mood diary’ to help with emotions and another is mindful drinking. Mindful drinking is not about cutting alcohol out completely, but more to be more mindful of your relationship with drinking.


What better way to make a bold statement than with a bold lip! Bring on Blu-Red LipSense for the win here. Although, if reds aren’t your speed you can certainly be bold in another from our top 10 with Bella LipSense.

Maybe for you bold means playing up your eyes with lashing of mascara for the full volume and lifted look.  I achieve this using a Lash Primer and either the VolumeIntense or the Waterproof VolumeIntense mascara……most times I layer all three.  You certainly don’t have to do that to achieve ‘bold’ lashes, but a good lash primer can never be overlooked for under your mascara to make a ‘wow’!


This year I have set goals, like I do each year…BUT, this year I have added a mindset shift to really set the intentions and know what I’m working towards and how I intend to get there. Both Mike and I do this for business and for ourselves individually, plus as a couple.

I have removed myself from distractions (like Netflix, negative thoughts, self doubt and unnecessary social media) and conversations that don’t serve me. This is something I have been working on daily. It’s not quite like flicking a switch, you have to work at these things.
Things that don’t align with what I am focused on achieving will only be in my way and create roadblocks or excuses. Let’s face it, we are responsible for our own destiny… is going to come along and hand it to us.  I mean, if I hold my breath waiting for someone to do that….I may as well stay in bed with my heads under the covers for the rest of my life…LOL! As nice as that may sound some days, I definitely won’t be doing that.

Listening to podcasts is another way I get inspired, learn from and have started forming new habits and get some clarity with intentions.  Just recently I started listening to David Goggins.  This guy is not everyone’s cuppa tea, but he sure as heck tells it how it is – I love that!

Here are my four pillars for this year that I focus on daily to keep me on track and balanced.

  1. Learn
  2. Create
  3. Growth
  4. Personal Development
You may not have pillars, do whatever works best for you and your personality to be accountable.

I hope these things help you leave the old habits behind and start to mindfully look at where you want to be and want to achieve in 2022.

And if you’re daring to take on the bold looks we’re seeing and expect to see in 2022 then remember to shop online with your 10% discount by being a VIP customer.

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